Midwest Retail Ventures

Syndicated Investments

Midwest Retail Ventures syndications are dedicated to providing predictable cash to its capital partners. This goal is accomplished by investing in strategically significant retail real estate, using a responsible level of leverage and providing superior asset management.

Through its closely held structure, Midwest Retail Ventures owns 3 retail centers in the Twin Cities MSA and 1 in Fargo, ND – see Properties. We are seeking to add to the portfolio – see Acquisition Criteria.

As the capital needs of our existing capital partners change, we may have an opportunity for accredited investors to invest in the recapitalization of an existing property or invest in a new center – see New Investors.

Helping Others

Since leaving the brokerage business in 2015, I have accomplished the following:

  • Co-Founded RMA Real Estate Services LLC to provide custom management and accounting services to institutional and private investors.
  • Consulting: Led a Family Trust to dispose of a toxic partnership in a manner that was satisfactory to all parties.
  • Strategic Planning: Assisted my capital partners in the sale and redevelopment of assets.