Midwest Retail Ventures


After 25 years of brokerage and 20 years of direct ownership, I have gained a unique perspective on the retail real estate market. While managing our portfolio and targeted acquisition strategy uses a significant portion of my vocational time, I will consult for individuals or entities as time allows. If some of the questions below are yours, I may be able to help.

Acquisitions: Should I buy a property? Should I buy in Minnesota? How should I buy?

Capital Stack: Can Midwest Retail Ventures bring capital to deal? What is the right amount debt? Where to find it?

Capital Investments: Should I really replace the roof? How much in TI's and commissions is too much?

Dispositions: Should I sell now? Does Midwest Retail Ventures want to buy?

Estates: Do I leave this to my heirs? Are there other options than just selling?

Leasing: Is this a good tenant? How does this impact value?

Property Manager: What should I look for in a good property manager?

Ownership Structures: What options exist to pull equity out of a property?